This came in from Tanti… our bunnies (and we!) love you, Daily Bunny!

Wow, we're on a roll. another rabbit match bunny on the daily bunny!

What am I going to be this year?


"Halloween is coming up fast, but what am I going to be?  I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to costumes.  I have to get started soon so it'll be GOOD!  I can't go as a dust bunny again."



"And no stupid 'sexy' costumes.  I have 4 friends and each one of their costumes is worse than the next.  One is going as a 'sexy' nurse, another as a 'sexy' carrot rancher, the third a 'sexy' robot and fluffy is going as a 'sexy' rubix cube…I know random right?  I believe in costumes that preserve my dignity."



"Dignity…wait…I've got it!  Pinky get my sewing kit!  I've got the best idea ever!"

Ok, I kind of got carried away with the captioning <_<  But little Morgana here is an October, if not Halloween, treat.  She's an adoptable with Rabbit Match, our friends in LA.  Keep up the good work guys :)  Read all about her on her Petfinder page here.  Good luck little bun!