G'day all, today, 10/19/10!!!!    Faraday checking in.   I'm a baby himalayan-x boy, bought on the street downtown LA and discarded a few days later.  What would we rabbits do without RabbitMatch!!!!!  I was in the hot sun in a tiny cage.  My eyelids were burned.  They'll be OK soon, no worries we have climate control here!!!!!.  I weigh 1 lb 5 oz and am on the thin side, but what do you expect!!!!!   My birthdate is 9/1/10.   The moms would be so happy to have YOU come in and cuddle me while I'm growing up a bit to where I can be adopted out.  Probably the end of November.  I surely could use some extra cuddling!!!!  I know you wish I had the dwarfy ears.  Nope!!!  They're quite substantial, actually. 

Oh and yes, of course I can discuss the latest developments in electromagnetic induction  with you!!!!   I'll pass on helping you with your chemistry kit experiments though.  Really beneath me and anyway, I don't fancy singed eyebrows!!!!   A ka-boom of bunnylove to you!!!  Faraday.