It's Francesca and Carmaine and we adopted Momo (formerly known as Leibnitz) one year ago! 

I just wanted to share our continued happiness with our bunny boy. 

He's still very small we figure he's not growing anymore… he's only 3 lbs!  

He now has a wifey which we saved from a pet store where she was being used to breed.  :(  the
horrible place gave me her in a paper bag!!! 

Momo took care of her while she fattened up and got healthy and now they are inseparable!
Her name is Mimi, so I like to yell MI-MO when i want to find them both.

Thought you would enjoy the update and some pics.  I love my babies and am glad that I can give these two buns a place to call home.

Momo says thanks!