News from Skaya's human!  (now Gorda)

Gorda has settled in nicely and we are loving her.  She is especially happy with our addition of central a/c this past August, not a bit to soon since the heat waves we had this summer were awful!  Little Gordine thoroughly enjoyed her cool comfort.

Sweet girl showed us a trick she taught herself on the 4th of July, hurdling out of her pen onto the ottoman.  I'm just glad we were here when it happened!!!  ;)  A quick trip to PetsMart for a new, 36" beautiful black pen has definitely remedied that situation.  We have Gorda on a routine that she is very used to now.  Every morning a 1/4 cup of oxbow bbt and a big plate of leafy veg, her favorites are definitely any variety of parsley and the few carrot shavings that garnish the top.  Gorda also enjoyed some berries this summer, as the 99 cent store was in constant supply of blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.  In moderation of course, only one or two per day.

When Scott comes home from work in the morning lil' Fatty has usually finished half of her meal and they go outside in the backyard to play.  Although Gorda's favorite form of playing involves burrowing behind her favorite bush, she is known to get a little gumption in her and do some wind sprints across the yard.

I haven't been able to get Gorda to eat straight timothy hay but she absolutely adores the fresh oat hay I get from Whittier Feed.  When she gets a fresh litter box full every other day she makes short work of pushing and digging to get it just to her liking.  Each night before I go to bed we have an average of one hour "cuddle session" on Gord's pink blanket.  This is when little sweetheart settles down and relaxes and usually falls asleep on mommy's chest after much ear rubbing.  Eventually she makes it known that she's ready to turn in for the night (via biting the blanket) and gets her most prized treat of the day, one banana chip.  She looks forward to this treat like no other and has entertained us by another trick, walking on hind legs the length of the pen to "beg" for her treat.  

I can't tell you enough how much adopting this little bunny girl has brought so much joy to our home.  I'm trying to convince Scott to let me adopt another bun for companionship (I love Peri on your website) but for now I think Gorda will have to be an only child.  Looking forward to hearing about the poker night, hope you all are doing well.


Robin B

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