hi there,

Summer and Blaze [Pandolfini] are doing great…we built them a bunny tunnel out of boxes and they zip through there all the time :0)  They get lots of loving from the entire family.  Emily and Hannah love them and help me feed and change their litter box.  My husband even spends time playing/cuddling with them every night :0)  He never owned bunnies before S & B but is a cat lover…he says bunnies are great because they are like cats but don't run away when he wants to pet them haha.  I frequently find him laying in their pen with a bunny at each hand getting some lovin'! 

Oh, also, we grow our own mustard greens, parsley, celery and strawberries so the bunnies have lots of fresh veggies/greens (no strawberries, just the leaves) to eat, which is fun.  Our lives have become pretty rabbit-centered lately haha. They get A LOT of attention but also have little bunny hiding places as well. 


Aaaaaaah, The Perfect Adopters.  : )