Our foster rabbit Jean-Luc has LOTS to be thankful for this holiday season. Just look at how your donations have helped him!

When Jean-Luc got head tilt, he couldn't keep his Santa hat on!

But now he's ready for the hoppidays!

Jean-Luc was suffering from a debilitating condition which caused his head to tilt at a 90% angle.

Thanks to your support, we could pay for Jean-Luc's doctor visits and medications — and he's never looked better!

You can donate to Rabbit Match today to help more rabbits like Jean-Luc!

He recovered because you cared.

Please donate to the rabbits' medical fund.

Or mail to:
RabbitMatch.org/SEE Foundation
PO Box 642839
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Hoppy Holidays! from the rabbits (and humans) at RabbitMatch.org