We rescued a stray bun today with a (badly) healed broken leg.  Inge took her to Dr S.  Although the injury is old, the bone is sticking out of the skin.  : (   She’s only about 6 mos old and even with a back leg that doesn’t move and is curled up under her and has a bone sticking out of it, she can RUN!  I heard that Stacey said she even has her own version of a binkie!She’s now staying at the wildlife bunny way station (my bathroom) overnight.  she’s on buster’s blankey behind the toilet…not a great neighborhood.  : P

So.  Tomorrow our little girl, now named Bronwen, is going into surgery.  The leg is badly enough damaged to require amputation.  BUT, we’ve seen LOTS of 3-legged buns who don’t know it’s missing. : )

Please keep her in your thoughts and send good intentions to her and Dr. Schwartz.  She’ll probably be recuperating with Inge for awhile. She’ll keep us posted.

The surgery will cost about $371.  Then, there will be follow ups, pain meds, penicillin, etc.

You really make the difference to the buns we serve.  Thank you. 


If you’d like to help out Bronwen, you can contribute to her fund here.