Hello to all, 1/18/11.  My name is Tuonela.  I am a dutch-x girl.  My right side is so perfectly dutch but my left side has to be content with   just  a pretty salt and pepper coat.   Last summer   I was found housed in the back of that abandoned pickup truck, same as Appassionata.  Whenever  the fiend came to take some of us away, I always turned my left side and tried to hide in the corner.   I’ve already graduated from the anger management and learning to trust class with a good report card.   My birthdate is 1/1/10.   I  weighed in at 5 lbs 15 oz  but hope to trim a few oz.  I so cringe when people say…”but she’s so large”!!!!   I am not!!!    I do hope you’ll come to visit and see for yourself. Meanwhile, I need to attend to this mountain of greens!!!   nom-nom-nom-  CRUNCH!!!!  Your perfectly lovable dutchgirl, Tuonela.