A Mr. Spock salute to all!!!!   1/26/11. I was so shattered to lose my home……you see I lost my sister too. The human said she was tired of taking care of us and wasn't about to run up vet bills.  My sister was so very ill…….So when the RabbitMatch mom came into the room  I went into Hyperdrive.  The mom looked at me and sighed  "E=mc2……yes, you can know where a dwarf dutch rabbit is OR how fast it is moving but not both"!!!!!!!   Hhhhmmmmmm….I think these RabbitMatch humans are friendlies!!!!  I recalculated.  Well, how about a name???  Yes!!!!   I am   Epsilon Aurigae, a very active topic in astronomy circles these days!!!! By the time the mom had found the camera, I was ready to go into torpor  from said early hyperactivity  though!!!!!  You can see that in my glamour shots……..My landing gears were down!!!!!

So anyway, I weighed in at 4 lbs so………I'm at the upper end of the dwarfs. Never mind!!!! My birthdate is 6/1/10 and  I plan to stop growing in a few days!!!!  Please admire my coppertone coat and perfect markings.  I do have an adorable white freckle at the tip of both ears!!!!  Beyond endearing!!!! Please energize your space pod, do email the moms first, please though, and materialize yourself here to visit me and the other kids!!!! With a 10th and 26th dimensional whisker kiss, your Epsilon Aurigae.