Show Us the Love! “My Furry Valentine” Photo Contest

puppy on heart shaped pillowOur loyal readers know how much we love to celebrate the human-animal bond here at News Alert—now it’s time to show us how much that bond means to you, too! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the 2011 “My Furry Valentine” Photo Contest in honor of all of your puppy (and kitty) loves. Send us your best shot of that special furry someone—whether a childhood pet or your current “objet d’affection”—the one who opens your heart not just on February 14, but every single day of the year.

Send us your gushing love story (in 100 words or less) and a prize-winning pic of your four-legged amor for a chance to win. Furry, finned or feathered—all companion animals can compete. Please submit your photo and story to

The top five winners—selected by ASPCA staff members—will receive an ASPCA Prize Pack, and winning photos will be featured on our blog, where you’ll also find the contest’s rules. But hurry—the deadline for submissions is midnight EST on February 12!