Birthday check in from Pearblossom's mom, Nicole!

It's Pearblossom's 2nd birthday today!  Just thought I'd give you an update in her honor.  Lately, she loves to hop on my bed to receive & give lots of love!  She loves to sit & let me pet her while I'm watching tv, & when I watch movies, she even sits & let's me put my arm around her.  She's full of bonks & love.  The other day I caught her & my kitten, Katerina, snuggling & giving each other nosebonks!  That's right, Katerina now gives nosebonks.  It appears that Pearblossom is a good teacher.  I still have to scold Katerina sometimes for playing a little too rough, but she's getting better, & she never puts her claws out.  Blossom is also very good & grunting & lunging when she's not in the mood to play, & Katerina knows that's a big sign to back off.  Miss Blossom has already had some romaine lettuce today & will be getting extra, as it is her special day.  2 is a big birthday!  I'm thinking of picking up some strawberries for her later.

Love, Nicole (& birthday bonks from Pearblossom!)