Priscilla and her human Becky are fell in love a long long time ago at when Becky was a volunteer with us. We still miss them both…

"These holes I nibbled?  Oh, well, um… I heard a story on NPR about bedbugs and I just wanted to make sure you were safe… Good news.  We're clear!!  No need to thank me…"

 :P  Thanks, Becky, for the cute photo of Priscilla!  Believe it or not, Priscilla used to be Confucius' neighbor in the shelter in LA!  Sender-inner Becky started volunteering with RabbitMatch when Confucius was in residence, and at some point this beautiful girl (above) was in the cage next to him!  And now she lives with Becky in Portland, OR and, as Becky reports, "could generally not be happier."  Awww!!  So, to RabbitMatch, shoutout from Becky and Priscilla: "Mostly, I want all those fabulous people at RabbitMatch to know that we are doing so well"!  Yay for happy buns and people :D  

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