We discovered…

Peter's eye is not infected! Yay! However the lids are not closed so the interior of his eye socket can be exposed to outside germs and debris. While he gets stronger, it needs to be flushed out daily with saline because the eye area still generates a white gooey substance (in which infection can breed).

Second, Dr S had a surprise for us. Peter is a 'SHE'.  Holy cow!  Well, we hadn't moved her much because we thought she was likely in pain. So, Ms. Peter was also proclaimed an unspayed, and fortunately, un-pregnant female. She needed a new name and she picked Serendipity, Ms Serendipity Peterbunny. 

We thought it fit nicely.  : )

So next, according to Dr Schwartz (our exceptional vet and surgeon), what will happen once she has gained some weight, the eyelids will need to be pulled apart and the eye socket cleaned out. Once that's accomplished he'll be able to sew the lids together and close the area off to germs.  She'll also have her spay surgery done.  We estimate the cost — with meds (about $100), a (major? minor?) surgery (about $350-$700) and the spay surgery (about $200) — may be as much as $1,000 or hopefully less at around $600.

Here's a picture of her in her luxury medical suite at RabbitMatch.org.  ; )


Thank you all for caring for her welfare. We know lotsa bunny prayers have been making their way skyward.  : )

You can guarantee Serendipity and the 12 very hungry bunnies still behind a locked fence at the park to survive and find A+ indoor homes.

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