from Copernicus' mom and his adorable bunwife, Sammy…


Copernicus on left, Sammy on right

Hey there! They're attached at the hip.

Copernicus [on the left] is the dominant one and has taken over my bed. Sammy [on the right] doesn't like to be away from him so now she's constantly on my bed too.

I've never seen a rabbit go through so much food and water! He's a bottomless pit.

I don't think I could have found Sammy a better boyfriend. Thank you again.

Copernicus was one of our medical needs buns. He came from Alondra Park with a case of 'intentional tremors'. It's like Parkinson's that Michael J Fox has. It makes him unstable — but very cute as he falls over.  The wobbles don't stop him At All.  : )

Your generosity makes if possible for us to care for dumped bunnies like Copernicus. He now has a bunwife and loving hooman, Kayden. We love you, Kayden!!!