More vol news…

Tanti and Scott (from our Torrance rescue) saved a bun in Alondra Park who had an eye injury. They took him to their vet and — in only 1 week — he's BETTER!!! Here are before and after pics.  (bleh.)

Before                                                    After
Blue CLOSEUP EYE BEFORE.jpg      Blue AFTER 1 week.jpg

Dr Rosskoff figures he was injured in a fight and infection set in but thanks to Tanti and Scott his eye was saved! They've named him Blue because he has Frank Sinatra-blue eyes. He's a charmer and since Tanti and Scott already have 6 bunkids at home — he's adoptable!  ; )

So cute.


Thank you, Tanti and Scott. We LUV our Bunderful Volunteers!