I just sent this 'hare-y' news to a bunderful rescue friend and I thought I'd send it out to the rest of you goodhearted anipal peeps too…

Our little rescue has just had its building pulled out from under it. We have 60 days from yesterday (6/13) to relocate.

We have 23 rabbits (including an 8 baby surprise) in our current Torrance location. We have 4 3-stacks but will need one more to house babies in several weeks that we'll find/buy somehow.

Right now we're squished into ~200 sf (2 10×10 rooms) but would Really Appreciate more room so we have more exercise area. Of course moola is the issue. We're paying $400 utilities included. And our new place can't be more than $500 tops.

We're dreaming of a 300+ sf industrial/warehouse or retail space (or empty room!) anywhere on the Westside, Hawthorne, Westchester, LAX, Inglewood, Culver City, Venice, etc…

Please contact us with Any and All Possibilities.

Thanks, everybun.  Life is never dull.

Alinda Lord