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Bunderful Humor!

Bunbun’s health:

Do you dread the nail clipper just as much as your bun does?
Here’s a very detailed description with photos on how to give your bun his/her day at the spa!

Monthly Maintenance


Bunderful Bun Facts

Our Amethyst featured as a Disapproving Rabbit!

Since our creative Lisa got her new camera, she has added wonderful color and wit to the kids’ photos.
Of course at times, you can imagine that SOME of them may disapprove of their new star-status!
Click on the picture to see our diva:


Did you know?

A rabbit is a Lagomorpha (rabbits, pikas and hares), “Lago” Greek for rabbit.

It was about 1000 BC that the rabbit was mentioned by the Phoenician traders of the Mediterranean (Asia). On one of their sea voyages to Spain they spotted these creatures living in burrows. The European rabbit was also spotted in Portugal and North West Africa.

Rabbits have very good memories.

A rabbit’s ears help regulate their temperature.

Because rabbits are prey animals they will hide any illness or injury.
By keeping a watchful eye over your bunny will determine any warning signs that they are not well.

Rabbits have 28 teeth.

Rabbits can run up to 35 mph.

Rabbits twitch their noses from 20-120 times per minute to expose more sensory pads to detect smells.

The next Chinese year of the Rabbit is 2011. The rabbit is the symbol of longevity. The Chinese believe a person to be born in this year is very fortunate.

Some rabbits can jump as high as 16 feet.

They sleep up to 16 times a day!

Bunderful News!

Our Goliath and his new friends!

As you can see in this picture, Goliath has found a wonderful forever home.
Here , he is posing with his friend Skye, who gives him lots of noserubs!


A wonderful rabbit store!

Natalie of Rabbit Rescue in Downey
has helped us out many a time, providing a safe haven for some of our buns.

So we thought it was time to show you her “bunnyful” shop where you can find
all things Rabbit, from healthy pellets to nail clippers and precious bunny gifts!


Catch the Wave on National Volunteer Week:

National Volunteer Week 2008 is April 27 through May 3.
Watch out for a swell in activity on the VolunteerMatch network, which is expecting a rise in volunteer seekers searching for new opportunities.
An estimated 250,000 visitors are anticipated to log on during the annual celebration.

You can find our request for volunteers on their site here:


March adoptions:

Baryshnikov did not only find a new home, he also immediately fell in love with the lady bun of the house! We wish him a nice Honeymoon!

Our Bunderful Bun of the Month!


So you’re saying to yourself, how will I know Icelandia when I see her?? She’s just another white/pink eyed bunny.
Well, let me tell you, I do more dead bunny flops out of sheer happiness than anyone.
Yes!! You’ll look for the one zonked out on her side, ears all disarrayed, with her breath gently vibrating her sweet, delicate bunny lips as she dreams of her forever home!!!

If you wake me with a gift of greens, I’ll prove my pink belt status and morph into a ‘gimme’ persona.
In short, I have a wonderful personality, I’m a character!!
You’ll never be bored with me for a companion.
Love, Icelandia.

For us to meet, please fill out the adoption form here
I’ll be waiting to see you!

Bunnies on film!

Wonderful and inspiring bunnies bringing you their philosophy of life in this 9 minute video!

Want to help us ?

There are several ways to support us in our efforts to find loving, indoor homes for our bunnies:



All donations go to funding food, greens, hay and supplies and help out with the vet bills!


15% of all sales goes to our bunnies!


For each sale, a percentage is donated to us!


Curious about house rabbits? Talk to us!


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For every rabbit bought from a breeder or pet store, one in a shelter dies.
Give a bun the gift of life.
Make adoption your option.

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