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She's doing GREAT.  We let her have the run of the house for a little while today, and began the introductions to Mickey.  Wait till you see the pictures of them together.  We've had a camera in her face for three days, poor thing.  She's eating the finest organic greens, and is particular to basil and mint…she's a bell pepper snob, though.  Not interested.  We also built her the rabbit condo of the century, and a mini-condo downstairs in the living room for family time, until she's mastered running the entire house.  Pics attached.

She's done a few binkys, licked me like crazy, and bit my tush this morning.  We are crazy about her and so happy…you said we'd "know", and our instinct was right.  You guys are terrific, and really know your bunnies. :)

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If you’re spending the summer months stuck in your office instead of soaking up some rays at the beach, you may be looking a little paler than you’d like –but you’re sure to have a little more color than the recently-discovered albino crows of East Vancouver, Canada…

Ailin is caught by paparazzi in her new top-of-line car seat. 

It's Inge's fault.

Somebody's got a great sense of humor…


We’ve reviewed the language of rabbit ears, and covered some of the basics of RabbitSpeak in previous blogs. These must be taken in context with the overall body language of the rabbit. You can usually see all of the following body language at any given mealtime at my house…more at

… She's already made herself at home, taken a little snooze on my tummy and licked me to death.  She's eating, drinking, chewing, exploring and eyeballing through the gate – doesn't seem fazed at all… 

We loooove her!  More pics to come, and thanks again so much.

Samantha, Joe and Kirsten

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I went home today!  Adopted!  Yay me!!!  ; )

I love my new humans too.  <3

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