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Denver redux 1

Hello out there!! (cough) Have to compose myself between gasps of relief. (wheeze) It’s Denver!! I was your perennial offsite adoption bun!! I’m the handsome lad who was petted, cuddled, photographed, admired, brushed, and kissed by dozens of people. But…it was always…. had to check w significant other…….or the upcoming cruise….. the dog would be a problem….and meanwhile I lingered, trying to keep my spirits up….self-medicating with food….

My day has finally arrived and I’ve been adopted by one of the new RabbitMatch volunteers!! Thank you Nadinne and Mom!!! Oh happy day!!! No more rejection angst!!!!

Meanwhile the RabbitMatch moms had to get out the WD-40 and a crowbar to pry my photos and bio off the website. It’s true!! Totally rusted in!! Please don’t let that happen to them again!!!! My friend Bodicea is next in line. We’re both loaded with rabbitude. The other buns hope to see you soon!!! Lovingly, Denver.

Delphine 12

Our soft golden brown minirex girl went home today with Joan…

Yes, indeedy. Life is good.

Edgmont 1

Our Edgie was found roaming the streets by Joanne and brought to Rabbit Match two weeks ago. She ended up adopting him! He’s a handsome boy and a little charmer. ; )

Joanne didn’t have a chance!



Thanks so much for bringing us this fluffy bundle of joy! He’s been doing very well here his first week. He’s already made friends with our cats. One has particularly fallen in love with him and they play and cuddle all day long! So sweet! They run around the house and hide under the dining room table and hang out in Belvedere’s house. Muffers is even trying to eat the hay and veggies he sees his buddy eating. I’m afraid my cat might become a vegetarian!


Belvedere is also the biggest cuddle bunny I’ve ever seen. When we’re sitting on the couch he just jumps right up and settles in to one of our laps for cuddles and pets. He even grooms us back sometimes to show his appreciation.

I attached a couple of pictures of Belvedere with his new buddy Muffers and me. Hope you like them!

Thanks again! Emma

–>  Yay, Emma! We love our adopters! <–


*sniff*  *sob* Heddo Los Angeles, it’s Sonatina *honk* sorry, I need to blow my  *honk* li’dl nose….*honk*  Can you believe that cad Krugman??  Eloped with a blonde and left me behind!!!!  Well, I’ve been brave but I know all my fans out there will *honk* understand that rejection can shatter  a tender heart. The sacrifices I made!! The devotion!!  The promises!!! *honk*

Well, I managed to pull myself together and be adopted by the very next family that came to RabbitMatch.  Now I have a lovely home and humans who think I’m the bees knees!!  Perserveringly yours, Sonatina, the  most gorgeous  ever choco-girl.

Ppppsssstttt!!  hey, over here, behind the door!!  I’m being adopted and I wanted to say good-bye but this is complicated.  See, Bunny Diana the golden harlequin girl returned with her human with marriage on her mind.

Ssshhhh!!! Well, we had flirted a bit when she was here and I had no idea I would miss her so much. I thought I’d never see her again and meanwhile that stunning choco-bungirl, Sonatina, joined RabbitMatch and well, she was almost stalking me.   Her devotion was touching but I really  do prefer blondes!! Oh, drama!! Oh love lost and found!!

Oooohhh!!  The carrier with Diana is here, ready to scoop me up.  Gotta go!!  I know Sonatina will get over losing me.  Either Denver or Eastwood would make good husbuns for her.  Come  visit!! Pet her, tell her she’s beautiful and the only way to go is FORWARD.

With a wave of the bunnypaw, Krugman.


Baahhhaayyyyyyy!!  It’s me, Nightsong, binkying out the door!!  I’ve been adopted!!  I learned from my previous experience with visitors that humans just aren’t hardwired to appreciate the ultimate gift a bunnyboy can give, namely a bouquet from the little  firehose.  So I restrained myself this time  to just runing around a lot with my tail in the air and giving bunny kisses on the ankles.

If you’re kicking yourself because you didn’t come see me and chinchilla bunnies are your very  favorite, despair not!!  Bodicea, and Ailin both with a  nice white collar interest are still waiting for you.  Joyful bunny adoptions to all!!   Nightsong.


Life is good.  Thanks you guys.  : )


lucinda-home-1She is great!!  I love her, and the two of us have been bonding quite well – she always runs to greet me when I wake up or come home from being out, and we love chillin together.

She cracks me up though…  let no baby gate stand in her way!  She has figured out all different sorts of ways to escape from the kitchen and get extra run time in – the litterbox thing is going quite well, but not quite well enough to let her have the whole house alllll day quite yet, because she sometimes finds brand new spots she likes to make her own, and always when I least expect it…  but we are allllmost there!  Anyway, things are going great, she keeps me exceedingly entertained, and I just adore her!!!! J But I am now just beginning to see exactly what you meant by her having an IQ of 150… she has got me figured out, and has been keeping me on her toes with her games of kitchen escape.

lucinda-home-2Anyway, thanks for the email!  How are things going with all the other bunnies?  I saw that Diana found a home, that’s great!  She’s a beauty!

Here are a few pictures I took about a week ago, haven’t been able to take some goofy incriminating ones of her getting herself into trouble yet, but when I do, I will send them to you!  :-P

So it’s a guy thing.
Glenn and the missus adopted me but she has some allergies going so
it’s just Glenn and me in the spacious office. Glenn was amazed at my
excellent litterbox habits. Well, didn’t the RabbitMatch volunteers
tell you?? I’m munching on my Bunny Basics T and home grown greens.
What a life!! Bunny kisses to all my pals waiting for their forever
home. Please go visit and adopt one or two of the world’s best buns
soon, OK?? Love Humboldt.

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