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Thanks so much for bringing us this fluffy bundle of joy! He’s been doing very well here his first week. He’s already made friends with our cats. One has particularly fallen in love with him and they play and cuddle all day long! So sweet! They run around the house and hide under the dining room table and hang out in Belvedere’s house. Muffers is even trying to eat the hay and veggies he sees his buddy eating. I’m afraid my cat might become a vegetarian!


Belvedere is also the biggest cuddle bunny I’ve ever seen. When we’re sitting on the couch he just jumps right up and settles in to one of our laps for cuddles and pets. He even grooms us back sometimes to show his appreciation.

I attached a couple of pictures of Belvedere with his new buddy Muffers and me. Hope you like them!

Thanks again! Emma

–>  Yay, Emma! We love our adopters! <–


Ppppsssstttt!!  hey, over here, behind the door!!  I’m being adopted and I wanted to say good-bye but this is complicated.  See, Bunny Diana the golden harlequin girl returned with her human with marriage on her mind.

Ssshhhh!!! Well, we had flirted a bit when she was here and I had no idea I would miss her so much. I thought I’d never see her again and meanwhile that stunning choco-bungirl, Sonatina, joined RabbitMatch and well, she was almost stalking me.   Her devotion was touching but I really  do prefer blondes!! Oh, drama!! Oh love lost and found!!

Oooohhh!!  The carrier with Diana is here, ready to scoop me up.  Gotta go!!  I know Sonatina will get over losing me.  Either Denver or Eastwood would make good husbuns for her.  Come  visit!! Pet her, tell her she’s beautiful and the only way to go is FORWARD.

With a wave of the bunnypaw, Krugman.


Dear RabbitMatch friends, so I was gearing up to become a professional woman. I went with Mom to do educational presentations. Was I scared?? Nah!! Any rabbit who survives an encounter with an eighteen wheeler has to have lucky stars!! I was mulling over the possibility of getting my certificate as a therapy rabbit and suddenly LOVE came my way!! Go figure! So I’m off to spend my fluffy life with Zoila, a Handsome Dude just for me! Love, Dandelion


Dear RabbitMatch friends, so Mom always wanted Vivaldi and me to find Sicilian bunnygirls. Bunnita…..Yes, I’m sure of it!! We are a stunning couple. She has eyeshadow and ears that reflect a delightful shade of my agouti coat!! We are deeply in love. Rabbit Rescue’s Bunny Bonding Boot Camp is wonderful! What a honeymoon!

But Vivaldi is still available and he was supposed to be the most handsome brother!! Anyway, if you have a bunnygirl looking for the perfect mate, send him an email. Meanwhile, my Bunnita and I are going out to the kitchen for greens. Ciao!! Clementi.


Dear RabbitMatch friends. I’ve been so busy, didn’t have a chance to drop you a line. I’ve eloped!! Yes!! I am now the husbun of a gorgeous champagne colored girl, Minivan!! It was love at first sight but once we moved in with her human a few adjustments had to be made. Man, beauties can be so persnickety!! We needed a short course of marriage counseling right off the bat (at Rabbit Rescue’s Bunny Bonding Boot Camp) but now we are bonded forever!! Thank you for your good thoughts as I morphed from a tiny, injured baby rabbit into my irresistibly handsome bun self. Love to all, Polaris

Polie + Minivan

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