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I do a great 'dead bunny flop' too.

I do a great 'dead bunny flop' too.

Just had to drop you a note, Los Angeles!! Like Norma Desmond’s silver screen, LA just wasn’t big enough for me any longer. My pals, Indira, Maui and I put on our cowboy hats and pendleton shirts and kept on truckin’ ’til we reached House Rabbit Society HQ in Denver.

I don’t understand it. A chess playing, Zen master rabbit who wasn’t appreciated locally……I feel like one of the great artists of the 18th century!!

Thank goodness Mom had to deal wih a medical emergency with another bun that morning. She gets so emotional, you know. I do miss her and all the RabbitMatch volunteers and my condo neighbors but man, HRS rocks!!

Stop by and see us when you’re in the area but meanwhile, peruse the present RabbitMatch buns’ bios and pics, OK?? Love and a bunny martial arts thump. Icelandia.

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