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lucinda-home-1She is great!!  I love her, and the two of us have been bonding quite well – she always runs to greet me when I wake up or come home from being out, and we love chillin together.

She cracks me up though…  let no baby gate stand in her way!  She has figured out all different sorts of ways to escape from the kitchen and get extra run time in – the litterbox thing is going quite well, but not quite well enough to let her have the whole house alllll day quite yet, because she sometimes finds brand new spots she likes to make her own, and always when I least expect it…  but we are allllmost there!  Anyway, things are going great, she keeps me exceedingly entertained, and I just adore her!!!! J But I am now just beginning to see exactly what you meant by her having an IQ of 150… she has got me figured out, and has been keeping me on her toes with her games of kitchen escape.

lucinda-home-2Anyway, thanks for the email!  How are things going with all the other bunnies?  I saw that Diana found a home, that’s great!  She’s a beauty!

Here are a few pictures I took about a week ago, haven’t been able to take some goofy incriminating ones of her getting herself into trouble yet, but when I do, I will send them to you!  :-P



Dear RabbitMatch friends. I’ve been so busy, didn’t have a chance to drop you a line. I’ve eloped!! Yes!! I am now the husbun of a gorgeous champagne colored girl, Minivan!! It was love at first sight but once we moved in with her human a few adjustments had to be made. Man, beauties can be so persnickety!! We needed a short course of marriage counseling right off the bat (at Rabbit Rescue’s Bunny Bonding Boot Camp) but now we are bonded forever!! Thank you for your good thoughts as I morphed from a tiny, injured baby rabbit into my irresistibly handsome bun self. Love to all, Polaris

Polie + Minivan

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